Manchester based gifting company sent me this relaxation surprise in the post

It was a dreary Tuesday afternoon when a message out of the blue left me feeling anything but. 

At first, I was excited that a company with a ‘wellbeing focus’ had noticed my work online, and then I was intrigued as to what to expect. 

When you think of a wellbeing care package, my initial expectations are that it will be made up of candles, bath bombs, journals/notebooks, herbal tea, and maybe a motivational poster or card. 

I am happy to report that this relaxation ‘WellBox’ exceeded my expectations and surprised me too. 

What I actually received was; a small candle, bath crystals, 2 tea bags, a pillow spray, and more. 

My particular favourite from the box is the pillow spray which smells like lavender. When I have problems with my sleep lavender always helps me to drift off into a nice, comfortable slumber so, this was a lovely contribution to the box. 

Additionally, I appreciated how all the products in the box are ethically sourced. The bath crystals are vegan and cruelty-free, the dark chocolate snack is vegan and gluten-free, and, to top it off, the body care scrub pad is biodegradable.  

Receiving this box made me feel special and I think if I had received this randomly from a loved one I would have felt the same way too. 

To wrap up the box with an extra ribbon of kindness, WellBox makes a £1 donation to mental health charity Mind. This gesture is an important feature because when people get depressed they don’t feel worthy of love. By receiving this box you also feel like you’re giving back to a communal cause, this then triggers an oxytocin release in the brain and makes you feel good. 

So, if a friend is feeling blue you might want to send them a care package like this one – you never know, it just might make their day. 

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