6 Must-see mental health documentaries

This last week we have seen some very important mental health documentaries being aired on prime time television.

The popularity of these documentaries has proved how open the British public are to having mental health conversations and learning more about these everyday illnesses.

I wanted to round-up some of the documentaries and what we can learn from them.

Please note that if you are feeling low these documentaries may be triggering for you, only watch them if you feel you can engage with hard-hitting subjects such as; suicide, depression and various other mental health illnesses.

1. Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency

Themes explored: Young men’s mental health and suicide.

What you can learn: How to ask your friends if they are OK and how suicide affects the lives of loved ones left behind.

Where you can watch it: BBC Three here.

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2. Louise Theroux – Mother’s ON tHE edge

Themes explored: Postnatal depression, depression, anxiety and psychosis.

What can you learn: How scientifically giving birth can trigger mental illness and you can gain an insight into the life of a mother suffering with these mental health disorders.

Where you can watch it: BBC iPlayer here.


Themes explored: Depression and cyber bullying.

What you can learn: The devastating effects of cyber bullying.

Where you can watch it: BBC iPlayer here.

4. caroline flack: Her life and death

Themes explored: Suicide, grief, cyber bullying and media intrusion.

What you can learn: How powerful your words are online, and how you should always assume that the person you’re directing your message to online will always see it. You’ll also see how dangerous the mainstream British media can be.

Where can you watch it: All4 here.

READ MORE: Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death – Have we learned anything from this tragedy?

5. Stacey dooley: on the psych ward

Themes explored: A range of different mental illnesses and the demands of mental health on underfunded hospitals.

What you can learn: What life is like working on a psychiatric ward. How much more funding is needed in mental health hospitals.

Where you can watch: BBC iPlayer here.

6. kingdom of Us

Themes explored: Depression, suicide, grief, men’s mental health.

What you can learn: How a family can deal with the grief of a loved one lost to suicide.

Where you can watch: Netflix here.

If you have anymore suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

One Comment

  1. Nick Wilson

    I’m an Army Veteran turned mental health expert through lived experience and founder of mens support group, Talk Mental Health.

    I’m producing a documentary about four guys who’ve had to overcome horrendous experiences linked to mental illness and suicide, so they can begin thriving in life opposed to merely existing and surviving in it.

    It’s aim is to be a positive, feel good piece, which inspires, informs and empowers people to better manage their own mental wellbeing.

    It will show, regardless of what life throws at you, such as a global pandemic, by learning, growing and developing from our experiences we ALL have everything we need to achieve post traumatic growth, becoming stronger, more resilient and the best version of ourselves.!

    Do you have any connections with individuals, organisations or TV channels who might be interested?


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