Random acts of kindness ideas during lockdown on Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is kindness. Kindness may come naturally to you, but others may have good intentions but not know exactly how to demonstrate kindness to people around them.

I have compiled a list of ideas to inspire you to be kind. Obviously there will be plenty more, but i wanted to give you some to help you get started.

1) Send a letter to a relative you haven’t been able to see during the lockdown.

2) Bake for neighbours. Leave them a little slice of cake wrapped up on their doorstep.

3) Make face-masks for your community.

4) FaceTime/ Skype/ Zoom call a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

5) Volunteer to make phone calls to people who are isolated. Age UK run a service called a Telephone Befriending service.

6) If you live in a household where one person does the majority of the cooking, you could offer to make dinner one evening.

7) Smile and say hello to a passer-by on your walks.

8) Post a book you’ve enjoyed reading to a friend or family member who you think would also enjoy reading the book.

9) Offer to do the grocery shopping for an elderly or vulnerable person in your community.

10) During lockdown people have the time to be creative and are sharing their work on social media. Leave a nice comment on one of your online friend’s posts.

11) Raise money for charity. If you are a musician you could put on an online show to raise money, or maybe you are a sporty person, you could set yourself a sports based challenge to raise money. There are many ways you could help out a valuable cause.

12) Watch a film at the same time as a friend over zoom.

13) Tell someone you are proud of them.

14) Offer to send someone a takeaway meal.

To see even more random acts of kindness ideas head to the Mental Health Foundation website here.


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  1. Kim

    These are some lovely ideas for lockdown and beyond. My friend and I have been playing video games together while we’re on video chat. It’s been great spending virtual time with her.

    Liked by 1 person

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