25 worries I’ve had in my early twenties

Navigating your 20’s when you’re an anxious worrier can feel pretty difficult. If you’re anything like me then you also worry about worrying about being worried and not enjoying your young years.

But how can we help it when we’re constantly seeing our peers on social media landing their dream careers, or settling down getting engaged and having kids, or they’re travelling the world on their adult gap ‘yaaah’ stroking a tiger whilst climbing Kilimanjaro? And you’re sat thinking what am I doing with my life? And where am I going? Am I actually living my life to the fullest?

Now I admit that everyone has had these worries and when you actually sit down and have a chat with your friends, we all realise that we actually don’t have our sh*t together, and we have a good laugh about it, but I wanted to write a post about some of the legit questions I’ve worried about from 20 to my current age of 25 – so I can just get them out there and maybe if you’re a similar age, you may be able to relate.

“Why do I pay loads to go to uni when I’ve been in for 2 hours this week?”

“Do I even want to do this degree?”

“How much sleep do I actually need to function?”

“If I go out tonight – what are the chances I’ll make that 9am lecture?”

“Should I be having more fun at uni?”

“I’ve graduated uni – what do I do with my life now?”

“Will I ever get out of debt?”

“How do you adult affectively and save money for a ‘rainy day?'”

“No, seriously what do I do with my life?”

“Why is it so hard to find a non-minimum wage job?”

“Will I ever be able to use my 50 grand degree?”

“How will I ever be able to afford to travel and see some of the world?”

“How long should I give it before I decide to try and settle down and have kids?”

“What will my career be like if I have kids?”

“Do I even want kids?”

“Will I ever get through a whole year without having a breakdown?”

“Why do I feel tired all of the time?”

“Should I make an effort with people that haven’t made an effort with me?”

“How do people manage to work full time, and have a social life, and get enough exercise, eat their 5-a-day and balance family life all at once?”

“I’m still living at my mum’s house at 25 and some people my age have kids – why do I feel like I’m failing at life because of that?”

“Will I ever be able to afford to buy my own house?”

“Will I ever want to go to the gym?”

“How do people afford to pay rent, go out all the time and go on holidays?”

“Should I care that I’ve grown apart from a few friends?”

“Will I ever grow out of social anxiety?”

So there’s a list of some of my worries I’ve had over the past five years, and believe me there are many, many more. One thing I have learnt over the last year though, is to try and not compare my life to other people’s, we are all moving at different paces that are right for us.

I also like to remind myself, when on social media, that people only tend to post the highlights of their lives, so I try not to compare my actual life to other people’s Instagram lives.

Let me know if you have any similar worries, or can relate to mine in the comments below.


      1. Abbey

        That’s true, self comparison as much as we try to move around it is sometimes quite hard to ignore. Beautiful post BTW. I know u will get through ur worries and anxiety sooner than later. Loads of love and support❤

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Millie

    I didn’t actually end up going to university – so thankfully I don’t have those sort of worries, but worrying about whether I have chosen the right career path etc.. are ones for me! Also missed out on the oh-so-popular gap ‘yaaahh’ unfortunately!

    Liked by 2 people

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