What you could do on the last weekend of dry January

If you’ve been noble enough to brave dry January this year, then you may find this last weekend the toughest. You’ve finally been paid and you only have one week left, so the temptation to cave in is strong! If your dry January ideas have dried up and you find yourself wondering how to entertain yourself this week, then look no further, here are some fun alternative suggestions you might not have thought of.

Have your friends round for a board games/ cards night

Taking it back to basics, dust off those old board games and get your pals round. They don’t even have to be the classics, like Monopoly and Cluedo, you could play more adult games such as Cards against Humanity and Poker.  

Midnight screening at the cinema

We all enjoy the occasional trip to the cinema, but have you ever been to a midnight screening? Instead of drinking, you can indulge on your favourite cinema snacks!

Visit a tea house

There’s a huge variety of teas you can try, that all come with various health and relaxation benefits. Now there are more places you can go to have a decent brew! In Newcastle, Quilliam Brothers is a popular choice.  

Bake homemade bread

Is there any better smell than the smell of homemade bread? You don’t even need a bread oven to cook some varieties of bread, so fear not – you can do this! Plus imagine the bragging rights you’ll have at work on Monday, this will gain you pro-adult points!  

Host a dinner party and cook a recipe you haven’t tried before

Again, this is another opportunity to get experimental in the kitchen. Even if you don’t cook often, now is the chance to try. If there’s a recipe you’ve been dying to try out, this weekend is perfect chance to don your apron and chef’s hat.

Cold water swimming

This one comes with a warning. Don’t do this unless you know exactly how to do it safely. The cold water can lead to hypothermia and if you’re doing it in the sea, please be aware of the currents.

HOWEVER, many people have said that cold water swimming has lots of health benefits with some people claiming it has cured their depression.

Personally, I’ve not done this but I can imagine the cold water shock response followed by your body adapting to the temperature might make you feel calm. Again I am no expert and I urge you to practise this with caution.

Have a good ol’ declutter

With the likes of Marie Kondo showing us all the benefits of living a more minimal lifestyle and getting rid of items we no longer need, decluttering has never been more on trend! If your house is still cluttered after Christmas, maybe now is the time to get those storage boxes out and tidy.  

Experience an escape room

This might not be a good idea if you’re highly anxious or claustrophobic, but the sense of achievement you’ll feel once you’ve completed something your scared of doing, is a feeling like no other.

Join a class/ workshop you might not have considered joining before

This doesn’t just have to be a sports class, you could take up a musical class like drumming. This is supposed to be great for relieving stress.

Visit a museum

Here’s a fun fact for you, that I just learnt, In the USA there are more museums that McDonald’s and Starbucks combined. Museums are a great way to get and the house and learn something new. It’s fun for all the family – so you can bring the kids!

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you try any of these ideas.

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