The lockdown diaries: Candice’s Story

I invited people to share their lockdown stories to see how you have all been coping during the last year. Candice Williams, 25, got in touch to tell her lockdown story.

Before COVID, I was making sure that I upkeep my self-care routine. It makes me feel good, and it was helping me stay balanced, especially as I had a hectic schedule. However things changed drastically, I went from doing ‘well’ to struggling emotionally.

Instead of ignoring how I was feeling, I decided to get help. I called my doctor and was referred to a counselling service in my local area. After talking to a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, it turns out that I was experiencing moderate to severe feelings of anxiety and depression. Thankfully, I received several sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, and I am feeling much better. Now I have the techniques to cope with how I may be feeling.

I will be more mindful of how I am feeling and I’ll know when to take breaks.

Due to the pandemic, I lost both my jobs; volunteering stopped, my placement and university course transferred to online. At first, I didn’t mind spending time at home as I was overwhelmed with all that I had going on. I figured staying at home for a couple of weeks would be like a reset button, so I thought. 

Last month, my aunt passed away from COVID, and I don’t know if I have come to terms with it. We are all just taking one day at a time, which is all that we can do. 

I have learned that I am very determined and resilient. Regardless of what I had going on, I was always doing my best to keep going. I have become my own best friend, and I love being in my own company. However, I do believe that I have gone back into my (introvert) shell somewhat. I had come out of it before, and I will do it again!


There are some ways in which my lifestyle will change as a result of the pandemic. I will be more mindful of how I am feeling and I’ll know when to take breaks. I have created boundaries to protect my peace and going forward and I will continue to count my blessings and be grateful to be here still.

If I had to summarise my lockdown in three words I say it’s been: eye-opening, reflective, and overwhelming.

If you’d like to share your lockdown story please fill in the form here. Or you can email me with your answers to the questions on my form.

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