The Lockdown Diaries: Submit your story today

We are well into Lockdown 3.0 and arguably the worst one yet. The days are shorter, the weather is crap and, although we feel like there may be an end in sight with the vaccine rollout; the news of new COVID strains hitting our shores is not helping.

I want to know how you’ve been coping over the last year and whether you’ve noticed your mental health improve or decline. If it has improved, tell me why. And if you’re suffering from mental health problems for the first time in your life, again I want to know what factors of this lockdown have caused you to start feeling this way.

Whether you are a front line worker, parent, young professional or are unemployed (like me, currently!) tell me how has your pandemic been by filling out this simple form below.

You can remain anonymous if you wish, but if you’d like to upload a photo this may be made into an illustration for you to keep.

I find writing helps me process my life and my feelings and can be really cathartic. SO, if you’re not a talker and you looking for other ways to express yourself – this just might be the thing for you. Or maybe you are a talker, but you just want to get all your thoughts down – then this is for you!

I look forward to reading your stories. Please note that you will be published on wellbeanblog, which has readers from all over the world.

Oh, and please share with your friends and family! You never know, your dad might have some things he wants to say.

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