What to do If Time to Talk Day doesn’t work for you

Time to Talk Day is a great campaign which encourages people to have meaningful conversations with each other – but what do you do if this doesn’t quite work for you?

If you’re like me, you might find it difficult to discuss your mental health with people like your colleagues. I find it uncomfortable, and as much as I’d love to be more open and honest in person, I find it much easier to write about my struggles.

This week it’s Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is express yourself. The way I like to express myself is through words by writing on my blog or in my journal. This may be you too!

In the past I have encouraged readers to share their mental health stories with me to be published on my blog. I thought I would have had more submissions during the pandemic, but surprisingly I haven’t had any submission.

I wanted to create a COVID-19 pandemic specific form that you can fill out if you’d like to write about what has been going on for you during lockdown. Maybe you’ve been homeschooling, or working on the frontline. You might have lost your job or split up from a partner, or – like many people with mental health problems, you might have noticed your mental health improve as there’s been no pressure to socialise or go into work everyday. I know for me personally, my mental health has improved.

However, I’m not a parent, doctor, nurse or care worker, so I have only had myself and my family to look out for during this time.

So, tell me – how has your pandemic been?

Please only fill in this form below if you consent to your story being shared. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

As an additional bonus, if you upload a picture it may be made into an animation.

Please share with others you think may benefit from sharing their story.

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