The reality of living in a Spanish city during the pandemic

In October my partner and I left a small town in northern England with dreams of becoming English teachers in Spain. Well, it’s safe to say we drastically underestimated the adventure we would go on in the following months. 

Two days into our arrival we were informed that the city of Zaragoza was closing its borders with surrounding cities and no-one was allowed to leave except for work or medical purposes. 

Additionally, masks are compulsory outdoors as well as indoors and the police patrol the streets to make sure everyone is sticking to the rules.  

Living under surveillance has caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I have a very basic understanding of Spanish so I’ve spent the last two months feeling very confused and afraid of people. 

One Sunday, we visited this magnificent park with lots of waterfalls in the hopes of getting some space away from the crowded streets of Zaragoza and to breathe some fresh air, but it wasn’t possible to take our masks off. 

I know everyone is finding the pandemic tough and I don’t intend this post to come across as ‘woe is me’ but I wanted to be honest about my feelings because I’ve felt very overwhelmed and trapped. 

Since coming out here all I’ve shown you on social media is beautiful buildings and blue skies. I haven’t shown you the stress of finally finding a place to live after staying in a hostel and Airbnbs and then discovering that the apartment isn’t fit to function (I mean, getting electric shocks while you’re in the the shower isn’t ideal is it?) 

I haven’t wanted to bore you with all the paperwork we’re frantically trying to get sorted before the UK leaves the EU either. 

I guess, what I’m trying to say here is that my dream hasn’t become a reality yet and I’ve been trying really hard not to run back to the UK, but I’m just not sure how much more of this city life I can take. 

Thanks for reading beans! I’ll post another update next month, until then Merry Christmas!

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  1. Confidant Candy

    Hopefully, this year does a complete turnaround and that you can fully enjoy your time in Spain. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are well.


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