A poem about the planet on Earth Day: The Time is Now

Earth Day is a global movement with one simple aim: to protect our planet and support environmental protection. You could argue, that everyday is Earth Day, well it is! And it should be! But this is not the case for everyone and it is important to celebrate our Earth and look towards the future and protecting our home.

Now I’m not about to go full hippy on you, because I can see your eyes rolling, but it is impossible to ignore the positive impact that lockdown has had on the Earth:

  • There is less air pollution. You can actually see the Himalayas from India now for the first time in 30 years.
  • Endangered animals are being discovered. In Thailand, the largest number of leatherback sea turtle nests have been found on tourist-free beaches.
  • Clearer waters. In Venice, due to the lack of boating, and cruise liners entering the waterways, the canals have become clearer.
  • Less fossil fuels are being used because of the lack of demand. With cancelled flights and only essential travel being advised, there’s no need for this consumption.

This is only some examples of the impact we’re currently having on the environment. But imagine if this is the reset button we’ve needed all along?

The time is now there’s no going back,

but why would we want to when our old ways were cracked.

The pressure on our planet was too much to bear.

But being forced into solitude makes us stare.

Stare at this new Earth we have never known.

Stare at the space where all of us have grown.

Use this time wisely for the time is now.

Time to stand together. You know how.

Thank you for reading and Happy Earth Day!

One Comment

  1. Joan Farrell

    Thank you. I hope that you will permit me to use this lovely poem in a prayer service for our community. God bless Joan


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