Self-care Sunday on lockdown – it’s time to breathe

We’ve never needed a reliable self-care ritual more than we need it now. But I’m not here to tell you that doing yoga and reading a book is going to be the Sunday therapy you need to ease your impending doom kind of anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong yoga is great, I love yoga. But how many lists have you read that suggests this as a method? And how many times have you actually tried it? I personally wouldn’t have been able to start without going to classes. I also find you need the right kind of ambience to have a good session. So given, that we can’t go to yoga classes I guess I’ll have to come up with more suggestions for you.

Firstly just breathe, right now, stop reading, close you eyes and take a deep breath. I think we all just need this kind of gentle reminder to draw your focus back to yourself.

Secondly, if you are able to do so, stand up and plant your feet into the earth (by this I mean, feel yourself standing tall), Really focus on how grounded you are to the earth. Take as much time as you need to do this.

Right now you are present in the room. Let’s begin.

Do you find that your skin is getting really dry? We’re washing our hands a lot more, and using hand sanitisers that dry out our skin. So my first recommendation today is to moisturise. Maybe you could have a bath and use some nice bath oils? Then use a deep intensive moisturiser to treat your skin. This clean feeling will make you feel relaxed. This might be particularly useful for you if you are an NHS worker who sanitises regularly. You deserve the treat!

You may feel like during the lockdown there’s been a lot of pressure to stay fit and do home-workouts. Well today, you can give yourself a day off. If you feel like exercising maybe you could go for a light walk? Last week i decided to do some stretching instead of my usual 30-minute workout.

Maybe today you feel like getting experimental in the kitchen? There might be a recipe you’re dying to try out? Or you might, like me, just want a big Sunday dinner to feast over. Treat yourself, no-one is telling you, you can’t. There will be no guilt in my kitchen.

To wash down your meal, you might fancy making homemade lemonade or you may fancy making some cocktails?

Reduce your news consumption today. You might want to disengage completely. Sometimes we just need a day off from bad news. Get lost in your kitchen, garden, or in a Netflix series instead.

Today you are allowed to have a nap, if you feel like you need one. Re-charge. We’ve never need as much energy to keep us going through these dark times.

Light your candles and create a nice sanctuary for yourself. Although please stay safe and do this after your nap!

We all have our little things that we do to stay sane. Today I will be having a bath, cooking and eating a Sunday dinner, then I will watch some Netflix and if I feel like it this evening, I might go for a little walk.

There’s no rules to this, it’s your day, it’s your precious time and the world won’t stop if you manage to grab an hour to yourself today.

Stay safe and stay well, beans.

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