Notes from my lockdown life

I will always root for our NHS and I will always fight to protect it where I can.

The date is 17th April, 2020 and in the UK we’ve been in lockdown for four weeks. Yesterday Dominic Raab announced that the lockdown is extended for another 3 weeks. We are only allowed to leave our houses for essential shopping, medical care and exercise. Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, and gyms are closed, along with other small businesses. Everyone that can work from home, is working from home.

The NHS are incredible and wonderful human beings. Other key workers such as; shop assistants, delivery drivers, postmen and women, social workers, carers and bin men and women are doing an amazing job by keeping us all going.

So there is your context, it sounds like it is the opening of a futuristic book. I wish it was, but the purpose of this opening is so that I can read this back in years to come, to my children and grandchildren and tell them what living through a pandemic was really like.

Here are some of my musings which I have been able to reflect on.

  1. You should never look down upon workers in our society. I feel like before the coronavirus, shop assistants and delivery drivers were seen as lesser jobs in our communities, but where would we be without them now? Similarly so were bin men and women. Never again.
  2. It’s amazing what you can achieve in isolation when you put your mind to it. Also the quiet time brings things out of you that you didn’t know you could do.
  3. I will always root for our NHS and I will always fight to protect it where I can.
  4. Money and power can’t save you from catching the coronavirus, just ask Boris Johnson. I’m glad he’s better.
  5. Fresh air has never felt better on my skin.
  6. I don’t need human contact as much as I used to think I do. I am perfectly happy in my own company and I can entertain myself.
  7. I love using my guitar to help send a message to the world.
  8. I actually love exercising every morning. I’m seeing changes in my body and this is giving me the motivation to carry on.
  9. Being really negative and counting down the days doesn’t make you happy.
  10. People can be really stupid, especially when grocery shopping.
  11. I am so thankful I have this blog.
  12. People can also be heroes as well, shoutout to Captain Tom Moore who did 100 laps of his garden before turning 100 and raised £17.5 million for the NHS.
  13. I really appreciate the vital service that daily news updates are playing in our lives. Journalists often get, pardon the pun, bad press. But without these key workers risking their lives to find out all the information and holding politicians to account, we would be living in a scarier ignorant world.
  14. I’m really glad me and my boyfriend live together. We motivate each other and are taking on getting fit together.
  15. My mental health is better than it has been in a long time (surprisingly),
  16. Video calls is one of the best inventions made.
  17. So is Nandos Perinnaise sauce.
  18. Credit to all the film-makers and TV producers who are keeping the world entertained.
  19. Creative professions shouldn’t be looked down on either. We would be bored without all the actors and directors in the world.
  20. I can write poetry.
  21. Blossom trees in spring cheer the place up.
  22. TikTok should sponsor the coronavirus.
  23. Calm waters are really soothing, I discovered i live half an hour from a marina.
  24. Nothing in the world is more important that love and connection.
  25. We’ve hit re-set on climate change, and the Earth hasn’t looked this good in decades. We should keep it this way. You can see the Himalayas from India now!
  26. I really wish I owned a microwave.
  27. CEO’s are nothing without their staff.
  28. My boyfriend’s obsession with Football Manager knows no bounds.
  29. Joe Wicks is a magical human sent from heaven.
  30. I really like reading Bill Bryson’s books.
  31. I will always love Spice Girls.
  32. And finally I will always hate food shopping.

How have you used this time to reflect? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The Afterthought

    The lockdown is definitely a little different from the normal set. Using it to do a whole lot more reading and writing. I’ve wanted to learn a new language still do…but it’s easy to forget all those things when you have your bed staring at you and the weather demanding you stay in bed.
    Constantly in awe, though, of all the health workers. They’ve gone over and above.

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