Three things I’m grateful for on week 4 on lockdown

Remaining grateful for what I have during this lockdown is keeping my feet on the ground of this crazy world. It’s really made me think about what I have in front of me. It’s also made me realise that some great things have been born out of such a terrible time in our history.

I could have chosen more than three. How amazing is that? I like to keep it to three though so that it makes me really focus. I also write these posts once a week, you can see last week’s post here.

I am really happy with my list this week, because I truly am grateful for these three things.

1. finding my creative spark again

I haven’t felt this creative in a long time. I’m writing songs, I’ve been writing poetry for the first time in my life and I’ve even been drawing.

Here you can see half of a song I wrote at the start of last week.

I wrote about my new found creative energy in my furlough diaries post that you can read here.

2. better relationships

One thing this lockdown has forced is communication, and I am so grateful for this. Before the lockdown I spoke to my dad maybe once or twice a month over text. Now he calls me or I call him once or twice A WEEK! And we actually have things to talk about.

I’ve always felt that I don’t have much in common with my dad. Especially as our political views are poles apart. My parents are divorced and me and my brother lived with my mum. So we weren’t that close when I was younger because I would see him at the weekends.

I also feel like emotionally we’re quite similar. We both have quite quick tempers. So this can cause tension when we have opposing views.

I’m grateful that this lockdown has improved our relationship and I hope we can keep it up when things get back to normal again.


I am massively grateful that there’s people like my step-brother Danny who are still working to deliver people their online goods.

Danny helped me order a pair of deck chairs this week so that I can enjoy the sunshine in my yard. These little things are really helping to boost my mood.

I also ordered some oil paint and easel so that I can do some painting.

Additionally it is my boyfriends birthday soon, so I have been able to order him some birthday presents, so that he has something to look forward to. I know I am looking forward to his lockdown birthday as i have some surprises up my sleeve.

I really wanted to add my coffee machine to this week’s list but, I guess i’ll have to save that until next time. So tell me, what are you grateful for this week?


  1. Liz

    Being creative in keeping myself occupied better than I thought I would. But I am grateful to be able to work in my evening job, after not having quite a week off standing down in that one.

    I have learnt today I can do a little bit of my other one, with my other employer.
    They feel confident to just allow me to do 6 hours a week, rather than my 15 hours I usually do. So I start back next week with that one.

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  2. kmbosw2

    Love your list! I’ve also been feeling creative this week. I actually have been keeping a gratitude journal and try to list three things every morning I’m grateful for; starts my days off right!

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  3. shamikac

    In these times it’s so important to look at the positives. There’s so many things to be upset about, so i’m happy you choose this approach. I am grateful for time. The time I have to focus on my writer, my relationships and myself.

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  4. Cristina Petrini

    Not all evil comes to harm if this period is teaching us to be better people. Richer and full of desire and desire to change for the better.

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  5. Jennifer Hammers Gainer

    Oh my gosh the online deliveries are truly lifesaving. The delivery workers are my heros along with the frontline medical workers. They truly are keeping things going.

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  6. ahintofrosemary

    It is so wonderful to concentrate on the positives at this time. I am grateful for the fact that my family is healthy and well. And that they’re able to work from home during this lockdown. My heart goes out to those who are struggling financially.

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