How my workplace celebrated Time to Talk Day 2020

Time to Talk Day. A day which many will just scroll past on social media, but not in my workplace. With the help of mental health first aiders, Caroline Myers and Hannah Graham, we brought mental health talks to the forefront of conversations in our office today. 

Caroline devised two activities which had been recommended by Time to Change, which helped prompt what could have been awkward conversations. She had a piece of paper with an elephant on which said: ‘What is the elephant in the room when discussing mental health?’ This question was designed to understand why people don’t open up about what they are going through. 

The second sheet of paper said: ‘What would you say to someone who is suffering with their mental health?’ Caroline prompted people to attach post-it notes to the sheet of paper. 

The responses left some people in tears. Knowing that there are people who feel a certain way in the office, who you share the lunch room with and pass in the corridor, makes you feel quite sad. 

I challenged people to share a mental health ‘ingredient’ selfie, with a sheet of paper which states what they thought makes a good mental health conversation. If they shared their post with me on Facebook, I would put their name in a hat to win a Wellbean goody bag. 

Here are some of the selfies… 

This is the first time to my knowledge that we have done something like this. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning I spent with colleagues I don’t usually speak to. It made me appreciate how lovely people are in my office and made me proud to work here. 

I also loved how committed people are to helping each other out and talking about mental health. 

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I felt today like we were on the cusp of something great, and although we still have a long way to go at engaging with people who don’t usually interact with days like today, we made an exceptionally good start.  

A personal thanks to Caroline Myers who arranged the day and has supported me with my blog. My aim today was to reach 500 likes on Facebook and I have smashed that target. 

Additionally thanks to everyone who got involved and has shared, liked and invited their friends to my Facebook page. It’s because of you that I am able to continue helping people. 

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