Lies my anxious mind told me versus reality

Anxiety can trick you into believing lies. Lies which we tell ourself will happen because of the way we are. My anxiety has told me many lies over the years and I believed them, I was convinced that they were the truth, but they weren’t and if I’d known at the time, I wouldn’t have tortured myself as much over the years. 


I believed that I would never get full-time job with my mental health problems. 


I have had a full-time job for the last three years, and although I have had dips in my mental health, this hasn’t stopped me from working. 


When I was at school, I thought I would fail all of my exams and not get into university. 


I didn’t fail any of my exams and I got into university.   


I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete university because my mental health was affecting my studies. 


I had to take a year out to go to therapy but I completed my course and got a first class honours. 


I thought people would be happier if I wasn’t around. 


No-one has ever said this to me, I have good friends, family and a boyfriend who I know wouldn’t be happier if I wasn’t around. 

These are just a few of the major lies I have told myself over the years. I still have anxious thoughts that I know probably won’t be true but I struggle to get out of this way of thinking. My major one being, I won’t be able to have children in the future because I will struggle with the hormone changes and amount of time off I’d have to have on maternity leave. I hope one day that I can prove this was just a lie and my reality will be different. 

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