How Caroline Flack can teach us all a thing or two about self-care

Caroline Flack, to me personifies a bright and bubbly 21st century working woman. She’s the girl next door, the kind of girl other woman champion whilst also envying, the girl you wish was your friend, and the girl who many strive to be. So when I read her interview with Cosmopolitan I was immediately taken by her honesty and empowered by her self-care manifesto. So much so, that I’m currently writing this post on a plane to Alicante!

In 2018, while presenting Love Island, Caroline very publicly split from her fiancée, ex-Apprentice contestant Andrew Brady leaving her to deal with heartbreak in the midst of her busiest working months of the year. To add to her “messy break-up”, she also had to deal with the social media speculation overload and the tabloids throwing their two-pence worth in.

In many ways I can relate to Caroline’s struggle and how she overcame her broken heart. Although I was not engaged to be married to my ex-boyfriend, I was with him the same amount of time, and after he broke off our relationship on my birthday and moved out of the house we were living in the day after the break-up on New Years Eve, I was left devastated.

One of the ways Caroline dealt with this difficult period of her life was through musical theatre. She performed as Roxie Heart in Chicago. I also threw myself into musical by performing in Hairspray (albeit on a much, much smaller scale!) Caroline discusses how she found it quite cathartic “becoming this character that ended up shooting her lover on stage every night”.

Caroline realised that she needed to prioritise her mental health, so she went to hypnotherapy. She found this very helpful and said her hypnotherapist Tim sorted her out in four sessions. Similarly I also went to hypnotherapy and I started to feel a lot better after this treatment and a lot more positive about my future.

Five key things you can learn from this interview with Caroline Flack:

“The only person that can define you is you.”

She refuses ‘to get sucked in by social media, she’s started putting her phone down at weekends and only uses Instagram for work.’  

“In life we all have a duty of care to look out for each other.”

“It’s time to think about the bigger picture, about what is going on with young men and young people and the pressures of modern life.”

“It’s not someone else’s responsibility to make me happy, that responsibility is all mine.”

Read the full interview in the July issue of Cosmopolitan on sale now.

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