A letter to anyone who has been failed with their mental health care

Dear bean,

You’re exhausted, you’re tired of psychiatric evaluations and questionnaires asking you to rate your feelings on a scale of 1-10, like there is a metric for your utter distress. You’ve been let down, given false promises, been sat on waiting lists for months and months at a time, you’ve been made to feel like an inconvenience, you’ve been passed off with medication without a plan for your overall recovery. You’ve received substandard treatment in which you’ve been made to feel less than human and most importantly you’ve been let down by a society that believes you must work your fingers to the bone to be successful.

You’re not a number, you’re not a bed in a ward, you’re not another person in crisis

I don’t need to tell you all of this wrong, you know it but you’re exhausted and don’t have anything left to give. But I want to tell you why you’re special, worthy and deserve to be listened to.

You’re not a number, you’re not a bed in a ward, you’re not another person in crisis, you are special and worthy and bring something no-one else can to this world, you bring you.

Together we stand hand-in-hand, and we won’t be silenced.

I am not a health professional and I can’t tell you how you will recover, but if you can listen to people that have let you down time-and-time-again, then you can listen to a girl who has felt the same way as you.  

This girl was on a waiting list, she was discharged without any help, she was a number in a survey, but she was me and little did I know at the time that I could try and help you. Little did I know that my small voice from a coastal town could reach thousands of people across the globe.

I had no confidence in my recovery, but I recovered. And this could be your future too. Together we stand hand-in-hand, and we won’t be silenced.





You might not feel like you do, but I promise you, you do. What kind of a society treats their friends this way? We’re all in this world together and it is our duty to make each other’s lives better.

Let this letter spark a little bit of fire in your belly, use it as a promise to yourself, if you’re told otherwise read this letter back to them. You’re more than a number, you’re more than your illness, you are a human that deserves the world and is only being given an island. Let this be your act of defiance.


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