Mental health bloggers that should be on your radar

I asked for fellow mental health bloggers to share their blogs and tell me why they decided to start blogging and a fact about themselves. 18 fantastic mental health warriors tweeted me with their responses. If you’d like to have a read of their work, their blogs are attached. We’re all in this together, and these inspiring people prove just that.

Laura Spoonie from Laura Spoonie Blogs

“I blog about chronic illness and mental health because I wanted to create a safe space for anyone  who may be struggling. Life is hard but it’s a little less harder when we share our battles.”

Fact: “I can eat a whole jar of peanut butter… It’s a talent really!”

Beverly Butterfly from Blooming Mindfulness

“I was lonely housebound with chronic illness and wanted to help others like me and make friends.”  

Fact: “I love my dog Gizmo he’s my best friend.”

Spence from The Mindberg

“I started blogging to really scratch an itch of writing about mental health (including mine) whilst taking some time out from being a counsellor to look after myself and children.”

Fact: “I love Toblerone too much.”

Antoria Lynch from Finding Satori

“I blog and write about my own personal experiences in my mental health journey. as well as things I’ve learnt along the way.”

Fact: “I’m obsessed with the color green!”

Abbey from Abbey’s Chronicles

“I started my mental health blog as a sort of therapy to escape from my own issues.”

Fact: “I love bright colours especially yellow and red.”

A New Dawn Advocate

“I started blogging, just to tell a little bit of my story. Mostly it’s been about my son, who lives with bipolar disorder. But as I progress in my advocacy, I realised the illnesses in my life. I blog, I write, I have a podcast, and I’m a teacher”.

Fact: “I raised 4 kids alone, wrote 2 books, and live in California.”

Tinka from Little Tinkablee  

“I own a blog that’s part mental health among a few other things. My main focus for my blog is to help others and spread as much positivity and awareness as I can. I know what it’s like to feel as though your suffocating, breathing and drowning all at once. I want to help people push through that.

“I want them to check my blog out because it’ll make their day a little better while still keeping the blog me… I want people to see and get enjoyment out of the things I do, I want them to understand why I enjoy/love those things.

“I hope that through my post I’ll be able to help others, whether I give them someone who understands, someone to listen to or shed some light on something.

“My severe anxiety has prevented and held me back from so much, I’m basically an awkward ball of nerves all the time, so I guess I was also hoping that in some way blogging can help me through it”.

Fact: “Two of my cats are named after chocolate. I would have named my newest one something like Mars had my family not made fun of me and my chocolate cats.”

READ MORE FROM TINKA: The reality of living with an eating disorder

Casey from Casestreet

“I blog to help sufferers of mental illness and to help people find their strengths!”

Fact: Casey is from the sea-side town Bournemouth.

It’s also Casey’s 19th birthday today (22nd April 2019) so show her some extra love on her blog.

KayJ from Unveiling the Mind

“I started blogging because I wanted to help people understand themselves and others, while living a happier and more fulfilling life.”

Fact:”I hope to own llamas one day, my spirit animal!”

Naomi from Meditative Owl

“I started blogging about mental health for many reasons but mostly because it can all feel so isolating and if I could use what I have been through to help just one other person, then it would be worth it”.

Fact: “My wedding cake was made of cheese.”  

Elayna Swift from Ingredients of Living

“I started blogging about mental health because I’ve been in the darkest of states and i know how truly devastating it feels, and i love to let others know that they’re not alone. I also want to crush that stigma!”

Fact: “In my free time, you’ll often find me napping, because what else would you do with your limited free time in college?”

Kendra from Selfcare Overload

“I blog about mental health and self-care. I began blogging about mental health because I am currently studying for my masters in mental health counseling and have a passion for sharing what I learn through writing.”

Fact: “My name was originally supposed to be Kendall, from the soap opera All My Children. My mom changed her mind the day I was born.”

The Mental Health Guys at A Lust for Life

“We started blogging as we’ve a passion for good positive mental health. In my personal case, both myself and partner have had difficulties over the years and want to help reduce the stigma”.

Fact: “I completed Dublin marathon last year for my own mental health.”

Wendy from Mind the Page

“I started blogging because I couldn’t find books about BPD and I wanted to read more about my new diagnosis.”

Fact: “Until I was 18 I lived in Bermuda!”

Audrey Lewis from Resilientshe Coaching

“I partially blog about mental health. My main goal in blogging is to empower people to live their most fulfilled lives!”

Fact: “I’m a Mindset Coach.”

Elle Rose from The Secret Lady Spider

“I blog about my own experiences with mental health, particularly with depersonalisation and derealisation. I’m also working on comics about it, I make art, and I do videos.”

Fact: “In kindergarten a drawing of mine was put in a gallery!”

Kyy from Apprehensive

“I started blogging about mental health because I felt like I wasn’t being heard so knowing that I wasn’t the only one going through the same experiences made it easier for me.”

Fact: “I’m extremely goofy & my fave colors are purple and  teal.”

Sammy from Selfcare Sloth

“I started blogging really to help with my own wellbeing and learn more about self-care.”

Fact: “I’m a Primary School Teacher by day.”


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