13 tweets which prove that mental health care in the UK needs to be better

I have been very vocal in expressing my view that mental health care in the UK needs to be better. Everyone I have spoken to who has attempted to access mental health support from the NHS has been left feeling let down. This is not a reflection on the service as a whole, it is a reflection of the lack of funding the service receives, which leaves it overstretched and unable to cope with the growing demand. It is also not a reflection of the people who do fantastic work for the NHS.

So why do I have this view? I have written about my personal feelings when I tried to access mental healthcare, which you can read here. This post also includes Julie and Heather’s experiences.

I’d like to share with you some shocking tweets I came across on Twitter which highlights my views. If these tweets aren’t enough to persuade you that more mental health support is needed in the UK, then I don’t know what will.

If you would like to share your experience accessing mental health care in the UK please get in touch! I’d love to feature your story. I will continue to raise awareness about this issue until something changes.


  1. Julie

    Your post makes quite unnerving reading as I know I have been failed by my local health authority numerous times.
    I have been under the care of Durham NHS mental health team for roughly ten years: at least I was until Feb 2019 when my CPN and new Psychiatrist turned up unannounced at my door.
    “I should have had a letter” they explained. WELL I have yet to receive said letter.
    “Oh well we just want to do a medication review whilst here.
    (Really this was inconvenient as my daughter and her new baby were visiting).
    During the review they decided that as I had coped well on an ever decreasing dose of Diazepam it would be the right time to cease with it all together.
    I should explain that for 9 years I had a “no upper limit as directed by the hospital” caveat.
    I tried to explain how anxious this was making me feel. I had had a blip with my mental health during December, thinking I had overdosed on prescribed medication, I rang my CPN five days in a row needing help, only for my calls to be ignored.
    Explaining this to the two medics.
    The response from my CPN -“ I didn’t respond to your calls because I knew you would be asking for Diazepam “
    They left after an hour rubbing salt in the wound saying I should be proud that I managed to come of Diazepam as very few people managed it.
    I later received a letter saying I had been discharged into the care of my GP.
    At no point would they listen to my concerns. I explained my psychotic episodes & my CPN said she believed in spirits an thought one could be visiting me. I end my tale.
    there are no words.!!

    I think that I am/was an inconvenience or perhaps my medical conditions cost too much.


    1. Wellbean blog

      This makes me so mad that they have failed you this badly. If you ever need help knocking on the right doors to get your voice heard I can help you. I can be very persistent, you’re not an inconvenience, nor should you be made to feel like one. Thanks for sharing your experience xx


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