What I am grateful for this week

It’s getting to the time of year where I’m starting to feel like I need a holiday ASAP. Just a little break away from my daily life to recharge is what I’d love to do right now. Stay tuned for future posts to find out where I decide to go!

Four day week

This week I am grateful for my four-day week. My working week began on Sunday, which means I get Thursday back in lieu, and as it is Good Friday this week, I get a nice four day weekend! I really feel like I need this right now and I can’t wait for the break.


I am grateful that I seem to have my motivation back. A few weeks ago I felt like I needed a break from social media and blogging because it consuming all of my free time, and I couldn’t find the right balance between work, blogging, my musical rehearsals, having a social life and downtime. I have decided that I will be actively blogging four days a week from now on, from Sunday – Wednesday, you can expect to see new content on my website. I will be taking a break from Thursday – Saturday and any blog posts you see on my social media will be scheduled days in advance.

Local theatre community

This week I am grateful to the local theatre community in my area. No matter what local production I go to see at theatres in the North East, I always seem to know at least one person in the cast. Last week I went to see My Fair Lady at the Tyne Theatre and it was fantastic!

Equally if I am in a musical production I always see the same faces appearing to support the company. I feel grateful that I am part of such a supportive community of people, and I’m grateful to everyone I’ve met and the people who have helped me become a better performer.

What are you grateful for this week? Please let me know in the comments below.

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