Three things I am grateful for

I have struggled with mental health in the past month. I have had major mental burnout. I never imagined when I first started my blog how quickly it would take off and I’m ecstatic with the success I have had, but because the blog was doing so well, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to keep this up, and when I wasn’t blogging, I felt guilty for not doing so.

However, after taking some time off to reflect on the last couple of months, I feel like I have changed my perspective on what I deem a success. I initially said if my blog could help at least one person, then it has served its purpose. From the feedback I have received, I am confident I have been able to help multiple people. Previously I was getting lost in looking at the numbers on my website and if I didn’t hit a certain target I would feel like I had failed. After having a few weeks off, I have been able to shift my focus back to my original goal.

Writing down three things I am grateful for also helps my mental health, so today marks the day I get back on track, here goes…

Happy Place podcast by Ferne Cotton

I am grateful for the Happy Place podcast where host Fearne Cotton talks to guests about what happiness means to them. Fearne gets some incredible celebrity guest on her podcast and orchestrates really fascinating discussions with them about the ups and downs of their lives.

So far I have listened to numerous episodes including; Davina McCall, Russell Brand, Stephen Fry, Gary Barlow, Gok Wan and Mel C. Each person gives a fascinating insight into their mental health. I find it really reassuring to hear that celebrities I idolise also experience the same feelings I have had. I definitely recommend listening to this podcast.

Lighter mornings and nights

I often find that darkness really affects my moods. I particularly struggle with waking up and walking to work in darkness and then leaving work in darkness makes me feel more lethargic, less motivated and sometimes depressed. I am very grateful that spring has sprung and we get more daylight. This is making me feel a lot happier!


For the first time in my life, I actually have savings. I am usually terrible with money and anything I earn I spend instantly. But I have been really disciplined with myself because I am saving to buy a house, and I’m actually starting to see the benefits. Previously I had over three thousand pounds worth of debt, now I’m out of the red and into green and it feels great. I am grateful that I have a job which enables me to make these kind of savings each month.

What are you grateful for this week? Please let me know in the comments below.


  1. Liz

    I’m grateful for my job, but I do need more hours as I have blogged about.

    I am grateful too for lighter days and nights. Spring seems to be here with summer around the corner.

    I am grateful I still have my mum. This year could have been so different.

    I am grateful for friends and for blogger friends who have been really supportive, while I have shared difficult times over the last few months.

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  2. Julie

    Hi. It’s lovely to have you back. You blog was a great miss.
    I am grateful to have my family close to me again. This past week has been filled with love and lot’s of laughter. I absolutely love when the children are together, talking about childhood and planning for the future.
    Health, happiness and lots of laughter – who could ask for more. Well a bigger bank balance, smaller tummy and holiday wouldn’t go amiss. I’m not perfect!!!

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    I completely agree with you on the lighter mornings!! It puts me in a much better mood! I’m glad to hear you have a focus again and feeling a bit better. Hope this month is better 🙂

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