Michael’s mental health story

I invited people to share their mental health stories on my blog to help people who are suffering understand that they are not alone. 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health condition so by sharing our stories we can contribute to a wider discussion and help break down the unhelpful stereotypes.

Michael Brooks, 27, from Devon got in touch to share his journey.

If you’d like to write about your mental health story on my blog, please follow this link and fill out the form.

Michael’s Story

I’ve had a rocky career as a web developer. My first job lasted 3 weeks, my second 6 months and in total I’ve worked for 8 companies within the same position.

I’ve had times where I’ve felt I’m not cut out for this, experienced imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. It reached a point where if I took a day off or had a bank holiday, I would throw up until nothing was left. It happened time and time again, and I ended up in a few toxic companies that I had to leave.

Did you get any treatment for your mental health?

I ended up getting help through a local charity. I would call them during my lunch times at work, and they would help me through my thoughts. I also took anti-depressants to help.

After a while, I felt good enough to not need phone calls and pills, but I still suffer from anxiety every so often. Crossfit and eating healthy has helped me through my darker days. Also, my mum and wife have been there every step of the way and they have been my rock.

What advice would you give other people suffering from the same condition as you?

Speak out and don’t suffer in silence. Your friends and family are here to help you and you’re not alone. If someone is willing to help you, please accept it and don’t take it as an act of charity.


  1. tnylea

    The power of working out and eating healthy will get you far 🙂

    Other then that… We all struggle with imposter syndrome, especially in a career that is expanding and changing every day.

    My advice to you is to focus on the web development shit you think is fun, if you find yourself working on a project where you are not learning or having any kind of fun at all… It may be time to move on.

    Best of luck man!

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  2. zabouti

    As an old retired IT guy, I can tell you that a few years of group therapy helped me a lot. You seem to understand the need to include other people, which is the most important lesson.

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