10 Positive mantras to tell yourself when suffering with anxiety

When suffering with anxiety, negative thoughts can take over your mind like a tidal wave of distress. If you are feeling this way, I challenge you to tell yourself these ten positive affirmations repeatedly until you begin to believe them.

My Gran always encourages me to start the day by saying something positive to yourself. By doing this you can train your mind to prioritise positive thinking.

Please read and save my list below, hopefully this can help you when you are feeling particularly anxious.

I CAN handle this.

I have got through this before, I will get through it again.

I am stronger than what my anxiety thinks I am.

I am calm.

I am in control of my own thoughts.

I am brave, I have got this.

Negativity will not take control of me.

Positivity is a choice I choose to make.

Whatever I put my mind to, I can do.

Self love is a natural state of being.

Let me know what your positive mantras are in the comments below.

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