Why I am grateful this week

Yesterday I wrote a post called: Ways I’ve practised self care this week and I realised that a lot of the things I included on the list, I am also grateful for, so I had to dig a little deeper to reveal what I am grateful for this week.

My best friend

Me and Lauren in our old flat at Uni

My best friend Lauren is incredible. I’ve known Lauren since High School when we had a drama class together, but we became close when we went to University and did the same course.

Today I was reminded how amazing she is. In the last six years Lauren has been through so much, and I honestly admire her strength and how she has remained a kind-hearted and selfless person.

Her family set up a Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide group when they realised that the closest group in the North East of England was in Scotland. With Lauren’s consent I will be writing about her experience and this phenomenal charity tomorrow. I am so, so proud of her and I think she’s the best!

The cutest puppy in the world

OK, so I included Harley on my self care list. But I am hugely grateful that this little bundle of fluffy joy, has entered my life. He went to a puppy class this evening and learnt how to sit, because he is such a clever boy.

Harley is an 8 week old cockapoo puppy and he’s adorable. My rescue dog Lucky is also warming to having a puppy in the house and I am thrilled because I think they will be great pals.

New nails

I know this is a bit vein, but I absolutely love getting my nails done. I work in an office so when I am typing and looking down all day, it makes me happy to see nicely painted nails.

I also got money off the cost of my nails thanks to a discount card I get through my work, so this made the experience even better!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you are grateful for in the comments below. Happy Monday!


  1. V

    I really loved reading this because it encouraged me to think a little bit more positively about my own life. Also, your puppy is adorable and you’re a beautiful human being. Love ❤

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