51 Self-care ideas this Sunday

Sunday has, traditionally in Western cultures, been the day of rest – but yet nowadays we still feel like we need to fill our time keeping busy. Why is it that sometimes we struggle to take care of ourselves and do things that we enjoy? Or if we do something we enjoy we can sometimes feel selfish or guilty for neglecting other peoples feelings.

Well as much as I believe it is important to be kind and conscientious to others, I also think it is imperative that we value our own needs, and take some time out for ourselves to recharge and rebalance. It doesn’t have to be for very long, but you need to prioritise your own needs at least once a week to keep yourself feeling happy and fulfilled.

Every Sunday I like to come up with some ideas that you could do to practise self care. This week I have generated a list of 51 ideas that may inspire you.

1. Read a book.

2. Cook your favourite meal. 

3. Go for a walk in nature, e.g. the beach, a park or the mountains. 

4. Have a bath. 

5. Go do a sport or exercise you enjoy, e.g. yoga, a bike ride, or go to the gym. 

6. Meditate. 

7. Listen to your favourite music. 

8. Watch a film. 

9. Write in your journal. (Here are some ideas to get you writing). 

10. Turn off your phone. 

11. Take a day off from social media. 

12. Do that chore that has been playing on your mind. 

13. Treat yourself to some retail therapy. 

14. Meet up with some friends. 

15. Try a new cafe. 

16. Make a plan to eat healthier. 

17. Take a nap. 

18. Listen to a podcast. 

19. Learn something new, e.g. you could learn a few words of a new language. 

20. Make a smoothie. 

21. Rearrange your space. 

22. Do some colouring in with an adult colouring in book. 

23. Have a herbal tea. 

24. Declutter your wardrobe. 

25. Write a list of exciting things you’d like to do. 

26. Visit an art gallery or museum. 

27. Make a new music playlist. 

28. Write a letter to a friend or family member. 

29. Phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. 

30. Plan a trip away. 

31. Listen to an audio book. 

32. Explore and take some photos of your surroundings. 

33. Go an a mini road trip. 

34. Practise some breathing exercises. 

35. Write a to-do list for your week.  

36. Learn a new skill, e.g. learn how to play a song on an instrument or how to use PhotoShop. 

37. Do some baking. 

38. Pamper yourself, do a face mask, or/and manicure. 

39. Go see some local live music. 

40. Read some inspirational quotes. 

41. Do online karaoke and sing at the top of your lungs. 

42. Put together a new outfit you might like to wear. 

43. Order a takeaway. 

44. Light candles and incense.  

45. Binge watch a TV series. 

46. Do some gardening. 

47. Buy yourself some flowers. 

48. Go for a picnic. 

49. Do some creative writing. 

50. Dance to your favourite songs. 

51. Go for a walk with your dog or offer to walk a friend/ family members dog.

I hope you’ll find something on this list useful and remember you can do these at any time. I have also some suggestions for evening self care here. Additionally if you suffer with Sunday night anxiety, I shared some tips here.

There’s so many things you can do to practise self care I’d love to know what you like to do, let me know in the comments below. Happy Sunday!


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