My gratitude list this week

Every week I write down three things I am grateful for. Unfortunately I missed last week because (if you haven’t already heard me banging on about it) I went to Berlin. You can see some of my photos here. But I’m back and thrilled to be blogging again after a short break. So without further ado, here is my gratitude list.


I am hugely grateful that I’ve seen my mum today for the first time in 10 days. OK that doesn’t sound like a long time, but she’s pretty cool and I love spending time with her. When I went on my trip I was away for four days, and then when I got back my mum went to Atlanta for work for six days.

I was so excited at work today waiting to come home to see my mum. I know everyone thinks they have the best mum, but I can’t even put into words what my mum means to me. When I struggle with my mental health. she’s always the first to notice, just by looking at me. She’s so supportive, kind and funny, so getting to see her today has been amazing. Above is a photo of when we went to see Ed Sheeran last summer, and below is when I went to visit her when she was working in Italy and I was working in France.

In front of Juliet’s Wall (Casa di Giulietta) in Verona, Italy.


Now I’ve had time to reflect I feel really grateful that I was able to go to Berlin. I am lucky enough to have a job which means I can pay to go on trips abroad. I find going away, even if it is just for a few days, really helps my mental health and I appreciate where I live so much more when I return.

I also feel very grateful that I got to go away with my boyfriend. We work together and that can make it difficult to take time off together, but we were kindly granted the holiday leave – so the trip felt even more special. It was also our first trip abroad and we had such a great time!

Here you can read about our harrowing visit to the Topography of Terrors, and experience witnessing the magnificent East Side Gallery.

I thought this lift was trippy and cool and saw opportunities to take photos, Ed didn’t know what to do with himself in front of the mirrors 🤣


This weekend coming I have a whole four-days off. Because my job requires me to work the occasional weekend day, it means I get the time back in lieu. I’m really looking forward to having this time so I can work on my blog.

I love to create new content for you to read but I don’t always have the time, with working full time and rehearsing for Legally Blonde the musical. So this week I am immensely grateful for the extra time I have coming up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my gratitude list, and as always I am keen to find out what you are grateful for, even if you don’t tell me, give it a go for yourself it may make you feel better!

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