Take your mental health on a date

First thought, “I need to do what? Take my mind on a date, that’s strange!” I hear you, but let me explain and then let this really sink in.

Imagine you’ve arranged to go on a date, and the person you meet speaks and acts the way you tell them to. For instance, if you tell yourself: “I feel fat and ugly today, nobody will ever love me.” That person will turn up on your date and say: “You look fat and ugly today, who would ever love you?” Basically your self-talk is what will come out of your new dates mouth. Do you think you’d last long on the date if they were saying horrible things to you? Or do you think you would get up and leave?

Why is it that we would find it easier to dismiss a negative date, than we would to dismiss our negative thoughts? Do we believe them more because we tell ourselves these things over and over? Well the answer to that is yes. So today I’d like you to take yourself on a date and follow the menu below.


Compliment sausage with mushy peas

This dish consists of you saying something nice to yourself and really meaning it. The mushier the better!

Main Course

Trio of Truths

This is real talk with yourself, list three things you are good at. On a date you would be selling yourself and telling them about your achievements, so instead tell yourself and allow yourself to feel a sense of pride.


Nice pudding

Treat yourself and don’t feel guilty for doing so. You could treat yourself to an actual dessert, or buy yourself a small gift to brighten your day.  

Drinks List

Keep your GIN up

Have a cup of positiviTEA

Look on the bright CIDER life

I know this sounds silly and it is a bit of fun, but try it. My main point here is about training yourself to talk to yourself in a loving manner. You don’t need to wait for someone else to take you on a date, if you treat yourself with respect and admiration, then this will radiate from you, and you’ll live a happier and more confident life. The most successful people talk to themselves this way, and this could be you.  


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