“Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it”: Three things I am grateful for this week

I am filled with gratitude this week because I couldn’t have predicted in my wildest dreams that this blog would be as successful as it has been in its first week of existence. Sometimes when I read posts where people thank their followers I usually think that they are just saying that, but I can honestly say that I am ridiculously grateful.


You can probably predict this one but this week I am grateful for you. Just by being here and reading this post I am immensely grateful that you took the time out of your day to visit my page. This week I’ve nearly had 3000 views on my blog and I’ve had over 1000 visitors. On my social media pages from the time of writing this, I have 144 likes on Facebook, 136 followers on Twitter and 369 followers on Instagram. I also made three sales through my site and made a grand total of 0.94, I’ll take that! I feel like if that’s what I can achieve in a week then this is only going to grow from strength-to-strength. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I’ve also had numerous messages from people online, friends and colleagues who have told me that they think my blog is great and that they have read something I have written that has helped them. When I receive these messages I feel so happy that I am doing what I set out to achieve. When I’m sat behind my laptop sharing my stories, I don’t imagine people reading them, so when I get messages off people commenting on what they have read, the reality of the blog really sinks in.



Today marks the three year anniversary since my family rescued our dog Lucky. I have written a post about how he also rescued me. I love him so much, he’s so affectionate and loving and you can tell he is grateful to be a part of our family. He makes my mum happy as well, she treats him like a toddler, and for that I am extremely grateful that he has graced us with his fluffiness.


I am hugely grateful for all the help I have received on my blog. Everyone from my boyfriend, friends, colleagues and other fellow bloggers online, the support is just overwhelming and lovely. Everything that you have advised or created for me is appreciated.

Special little thank you to the author of Notes on Nervous Planet, Matt Haig who retweeted my post about 5 lines I loved from his book! That got 68 likes and 7 Retweets. It was best day ever on my blog, I was ecstatic!

Special shoutout to my friend and colleague at work who is looking after my pinterest account because she’s really talented at using the platform.

And also again to my boyfriend Ed who is looking after my Reddit account and has been making my beautifully designed quote posts for me. He also wrote a very brave and honest piece about living around mental health which you can read here.

So again to everyone that is helping me on my journey, thank you! If you’d like to join me and other fellow new bloggers on our journey please join my Facebook group called Blogger Newbies. Let’s create a community where we all support each other.

Let me know what you are grateful for this week.  

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