Volunteer to write letters

If you would like to volunteer to help out your fellow wellbeans, then we’d love to have you on board! Sending a lovely letter is such a kind and rewarding thing to do. Please fill out the form below and make sure you have read the terms and conditions and rules before applying.

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Disclaimer Privacy Notice 

This is not a therapy service; if you are struggling with your mental health please contact your GP or local mental health service. I have provided links to these services in the UK on my helplines page. 

The purpose of this service is to connect with other like-minded people and provide support for one another. 

I am NOT a qualified professional and have no mental health training, so I will not be able to provide qualified advice. I will only speak from my own personal experience, in the hope that it will help. 

I take no responsibility or liability for the thoughts and opinions of others on my website, if you choose to post or write a letter you must accept that you are solely responsible for your own views expressed on my website and through the letter exchange. 

All letters must comply with the rules. in Section 1.2. 

1.1 Privacy Notice 

When signing up for this letter exchange you consent that your age, address and email address will be recorded by Wellbeanblog.com. We WILL NOT share this information with any second or third parties, for marketing or other services. This also will not be shared with our letter writers.

Your information will be held in an online database that is only accessible by the owner of this website. 

Your email address may be used to contact you about future projects and posts Wellbeanblog.com has in store. By filling out the form you also agree to be part of the Wellbean mailing list. 

Your data will be destroyed after one year of you filing out the online form. 

Your name, and personal message WILL be shared on Wellbeanblog.com and on the Wellbean social pages. You can opt out of having your name published online. 

Your privacy rights are respected so if you would like to access, remove or amend your data held by Wellbeanblog.com please contact us using to form on the contact section of the website. At your request this information will be removed. 

If you send a letter, you letter will be read and screened to make sure it adheres to the rules in section 1.2. If your letter breaks the rules it will be destroyed. 

If you consent on the form, a copy of your letter will be photocopied and stored for the purpose of future content creation. This may include your letter being published in a book. 

If you provide your own personal details, i.e. your name, age, address, email address or any other personal information in your letter, you must accept that you are liable for sharing that information and therefore Wellbeanblog.com holds not responsibility or liability for the data shared.

If you wish to no longer receive letters, any letter that is sent to you will be destroyed. 

1.2 The rules 

You must not make any demands in your letters, you may only offer friendly advice. 

You must respect that people may be mentally fragile, so therefore you must not disrespect or intentionally make anyone feel bad for their thoughts or feelings conveyed in their messages. 

You must be respectful, polite and courteous at all times. 

You may not send any parcels or packages through the letter exchange. These will not be sent on to the recipient. 

You MUST NOT send a letter directly to a recipient; all letters must come through the letter exchange. If the recipient has stated otherwise, then they forfeit their rights to their letters being moderated and become personally liable for the information shared. 

You must not bully or harass anybody involved in the letter exchange, even if they have provided their personal details to you. 

If any of these rules are broken your letter will be destroyed. 

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