What I don’t understand about bizarre January logic

I’m quite aware that not everyone finds January miserable, but I’m yet to meet someone that does enjoy this month.

It’s January, and it’s probably one of the most depressing months of the year. It’s cold, a lot of people are skint and are in debt after Christmas, but yet we decide to make this month more miserable for ourselves. We think you know what, new year, new me let’s cut out something we enjoy to add to our misery.

I’m quite aware that not everyone finds January miserable, but I’m yet to meet someone that does enjoy this month.

Let’s start with Dry January. Now I get that it is a good thing to do and beneficial for your health to give up alcohol for a month, but why do you have to cut it out completely? Why can’t you just cut down if you feel like you drink too much? I know December is typically a boozy month and some people feel like they need to detox, and to that I say, good for you, but personally if I’m going to do a month long alcohol detox, I’d choose a less depressing month to do it in.

Veganuary is another challenge that people decide to take up at this time of year. Personally I admire anyone who can give up meat and dairy products but I know I would find this task impossible. And again, if you’re a meat eater, why would you decide to do it in January? Dark mornings and dark nights can make you feel tired because of the lack of sunlight, so imagine also cutting out foods that give energy.

I also have an issue with this because I think you need to do your research and know exactly what foods you should be eating so that you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. My worry is that because this is a month long challenge, you may not have done much research and therefore you end up starving yourself. This isn’t healthy.

Finally, if you do decide to take up one of these challenges (and I am aware there are many more) and you don’t manage to complete them because they’re tough, you end up feeling like a failure. This isn’t good for your mental health. January 12 is the day that people tend to fail at their New Year’s resolutions, which really isn’t long into the month.

So to conclude, well done to anyone that is doing these challenges, the fact you’re giving it a go is awesome. But just so you know, it’s OK if you don’t manage it. The fact you’ve even tried is enough.

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